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Sustainability & Knotolia

Sustainability means ensuring production continuity while not jeopardizing future
generations' needs while meeting our own.

Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is defined as economic development that promotes social equality while preserving the potential of natural resources to regenerate themselves. While pursuing development within the framework of sustainable development, we must consider both the present and the future. To achieve this, we intend to make the best use of natural resources while also constructing socially just and future-oriented systems.

Following are the common benefits of sustainable development for all parties, including future generations: Reducing negative environmental effects, achieving ecological and social harmony, promoting opportunity for all, effective resource use, saving money and preventing waste, creating a waste management system, ensuring growth in the economy.

Environmental, social, and economic considerations are all three aspects of
sustainable development. They are connected and have an impact on one another in particular.

Environmental Dimension

Utilizing natural resources without endangering ecosystems is a component of
sustainability's environmental dimension. The maintenance of the environment, the preservation of natural life, the avoidance of environmental contamination brought on by production and consumption, the maintenance of biological diversity, and the avoidance of indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources assure the continuation of development.

Social Dimension

The social dimension of sustainability is connected to the persistence of social
institutions, relationships, and ideals in the long run.

The following are the 5 guiding principles for a sustainable society:

Equality: Providing equal opportunities for all members of society, particularly the most vulnerable and economically disadvantaged.

Diversity: Encouraging social diversity.

Commitment: Creating systems and structures that will provide social commitment within and outside the community.

Quality of Life: Meeting the basic needs of all individuals and ensuring a good
quality of life for all.

Democracy and Governance: Establishing transparent and accountable
governance structures in addition to democratic processes.

Economic Dimension

The economic dimension of development refers to achieving financial growth and development. The continuity of economic activities is based on regular use of non-renewable resources that can be renewed in nature. Sustainable economic development, which is provided without forgetting the possibility of resource depletion, can be achieved through a production process that minimizes environmental risks and ensures efficiency.

Global Goals for Sustainable Development


The global goals for sustainable development are comprised of these three
components, which form the foundation of sustainable development. These goals aim to ensure that we leave a habitable planet for future generations by protecting the environment, providing equal opportunities, and ensuring economic development.

These goals include ending poverty globally, ensuring food security and sustainable agriculture to eradicate hunger, increasing access to healthcare for better health and well-being, providing inclusive and equitable quality education opportunities, promoting gender equality and empowering women in society, ensuring access to clean water and sanitation through sustainable water management, making affordable and clean energy accessible to all, fostering decent work and sustainable economic growth, building resilient and inclusive infrastructure while fostering innovation, reducing inequalities within and among countries, creating sustainable cities and communities that are inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable, promoting responsible consumption and production patterns, taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts, conserving and sustainably using marine resources for sustainable development, protecting and restoring terrestrial ecosystems, managing forests sustainably, combating desertification, halting land degradation and biodiversity loss, promoting peace, justice, and strong institutions, and strengthening global partnerships for the implementation of these goals.

Sustainability and Knotolia

At Knotolia, we believe in the necessity of sustainable development and value
these 17 goals for a better world. Within our own internal workings, we
prioritize goals 5, 8, and 12, and we choose to work with companies who have
taken steps in line with these goals.

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The power behind Knotolia is the Bridge Cooperative, a Women's Production and Business Cooperative founded by entrepreneurial women members. Our cooperative applies positive discrimination in favor of women in a way that contributes to gender equality.

We at Knotolia work to support female empowerment in production by emphasizing the value and dignity of women in the workforce. We create opportunities to acquire the necessary skills so that women can contribute to the economy according to their own potential. Our priority is to design and produce with women.

We pay attention to sustainable patterns in production and consumption. As
Knotolia, we are aware that climate change seriously affects our health, food,
and water resources. Over the past 30 years, more than half of the carbon that
humans release into the atmosphere has occurred, resulting in inevitable climate change. We prefer to work with teams that strive to reduce the burdens that contribute to climate change, prioritize environmental initiatives,
and improve business practices to reduce carbon footprint. In this direction, we have adopted using certified raw materials and working with certified companies.



GOTS: The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is an independent
certification that documents the entire textile supply chain and includes
ecological and social criteria.

OEKO-TEX Standard 100: For products that do not contain any harmful
substances and this feature has been verified by tests.

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