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About Knotolia

Knotolia is a symbolic name derived from the terms knot (loom) and Anatolia. It essentially consists of the Anatolian Woman's future knitting, stitches, and knots. The bowknot represents the work of courageous, diligent, and strong women. Knotolia is a narrative about a woman and her labor. The story begins in these stitches, which are patiently thrown one by one, and spreads as effort. These loops also extend to the logo, transforming it into a texture and pattern.


And that's how the story begins...

Deri Atölyesi

Bridge Koop, a Women's Production and Business Cooperative established in Istanbul on December 20, 2022 by seven aspiring female entrepreneurs, is the driving force behind Knotolia.

Women must be involved in production to assure socioeconomic development and growth for themselves, their families, children, and the society in which they live. Bridge Koop's goal in this direction is to plan and implement programs that will allow women to achieve economic independence. In an effort to highlight the worth and dignity of women in the workplace, Bridge Koop provides women an opportunity to produce and supports them in doing so, allowing them to contribute to the economy and production as well as giving them opportunities for cooperation, socialization, learning, and solidarity.

Taking its strength from Bridge Koop and its spirit from Anatolia, Knotolia is a brand of contemporary designs that women create their collections which they meticulously prepare by combining innovation with the conventional techniques.


Our mission is to empower women to take their due place in the production cycle, transforming their lives, societies, and the planet. We encourage women's efforts to establish an inclusive and strong society in solidarity, as well as their engagement in local initiatives that improve and transform the social and economic chances of their families and communities. We embarked on this journey with the goal of standing by productive women in a modern society, helping to build a future for ourselves and our children, working together, growing up, and being a role model for our children, and we are working to have a small share in helping women reach the place they deserve.

Tekstil endüstrisi


Our objective is to encourage women to contribute to the economy in accordance with their own potential, and to provide opportunities for them to acquire the required skills to pursue acceptable career opportunities.

We wish to live in a society without disparities or poverty. The empowerment of women to employ their unique abilities at the local and regional levels and improve the communities and society in which they live is at the heart of achieving our goal.

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