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Privacy and Security


The present Confidentiality Policy shall gain effect for all users, who become members to the website as soon as they are registered. In the articles below, the customer information collected at the website, the purpose of their collection, the method of their use, and the protection method of personal information are explained. Your access to the abovementioned website, indicates you accept the information collection and usage practices defined in the present confidentiality notice

Usage of Personal Information

Personal data given to the website are used for the purposes specified below:

  • Smooth conduct of sale and cargo procedures

  • Providing information on promotions and campaigns carried out by the website concerning the products

  • Promoting the products added to the website

  • Improving the product diversity of the website by analyzing the shopping preferences of customers

  • Improving the website according to the usage habits of the customers and making it further efficient in terms of usage

  • Solving the defects and problems on the website

  • Promoting the products which may fall within the area of interest of the members, via electronic mail (the customers may anytime leave the e-mail membership by following the instructions in the e-mails sent)

  • To be able to provide secure, smooth and efficient service to customers

Changes, which may be made in the Confidentiality Policy

Collection of Personal Information

If you become a member of the website, some data you provided during membership are collected. By accepting the present contract, the members also accept to share the following personal information with

  1. Electronic mail address, address/communication information, identity information

  2. Information on website visit and information on usage

  3. Cargo, invoice information

  4. Comments made on products and messages sent to the website

  5. Page display statistics, IP addresses

Safety of Personal Data takes all necessary security measures for the protection of personal data. Advanced electronic methods are used in order to protect personal data against unauthorized access, and the data are kept in an enciphered manner, against all violations. All data received via the website are protected with SSL security system. Also, credit card information are not kept on the website, and are transferred to the relevant bank in an enciphered manner. Collected information will never be shared with third parties, or let out or sold to third parties.
Collected information will never be shared with third parties, or let out or sold to third parties. The relevant information will only be shared upon the user’s own demand, or if it is necessary due to products or services to be provided because of the situations specified below. Besides, if your personal data is demanded as required by a legal situation, judicial process, court order and other legal procedures, may share your personal data with competent authorities within the legal process.
No data may be intentionally collected or demanded from individuals under the age of 13. If it is determined that individuals under the age of 13 use the service, the personal data of the user shall be deleted from the database. Personal data may be shared for the purposes of preventing an offense, and in cases of swindling and forgery.


Conditions included to the Confidentiality Policy may always be changed, provided it is published on the website. Modified conditions shall gain effect upon their publication on the website. In order to have knowledge on the Confidentiality Policies, please review the relevant confidentiality policy in regular intervals.

Cookies are files automatically recorded to the user’s computer and containing some data concerning users’ online activities. The website sends cookies to your computer upon you enter the website. Sending of cookies may be cancelled by the users.

Links of other websites may appear on the website. These websites have their own confidentiality policies concerning your data and cookies. may not be held responsible from the confidential policies of these websites.

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